Conpago Social Connections Project!

Deslie getting her first look at her new tablet and the Conpago Companion App.

Over the past few weeks we have rolled out our Social Connection project in partnership with RangeCare (Flaxton). We’ve been working closely with IT Adviser Frank Vos, to organise and distribute tablets to a group of clients to see how they, their loved ones and RangeCare can benefit from Conpago.

Frank explains how RangeCare initially became involved — “We became very interested in the social connections project when we were looking at the ways in which we could involve more of our clients. We… can touch on a handful of them, so we were keen to see how we could involve the other people who are in home, but want to become involved with the activities at the RangeCare group… through video, live streaming, and messaging.”

He goes on to say: “the clients we have involved in the connections project now are very, very excited to be involved. They’re loving the idea that they can talk to each other, their friends, their family - and do that very easily.”

One of our clients, Deslie, has lived a very adventurous life, getting the opportunity to travel to Japan six times and teach Japanese for many years. She has several children who live a fair way away, including a son overseas in the United States. Deslie states: “I can’t get to the cottage very often and I need a lot of help”. She’s excited to use the companion software to communicate easily and stay involved with community events. Deslie explains “the biggest advantage for me would be communicating with (my) family, friends and RangeCare. I think it’s great that one of the little buttons on (the app) you press to check in. RangeCare then know that you’re fine!”

Peg is another client involved in the project. Her son, Graham, is very optimistic that using our software will help them keep in touch easily and will help Peg communicate with more members of the local community. We sat down to talk with Peg and Graham, who said “This connects mum back to the network that she had when she was more mobile in the community. (It can) reconnect you with friends that you don’t see much anymore.”

We’re excited to hear about and share our participants’ experiences throughout the project. We truly believe the Conpago Suite will make a great impact for our participants and support them in staying connected with their friends, family and local RangeCare staff.

Short video about our project in collaboration with RangeCare

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