Empowering Elderly in the Digital Age

A quick video call with your younger cousin to ask how her exam went, sharing pictures of your trip to Thailand with your sister in the UK, or checking social media to see what events our friends are attending close to you this week: even the sky is not the limit anymore when it comes to staying in touch with people we care about all over the world.

What’s taken for granted by younger generations, however, is not as self-evident for our older relatives. New technologies and rapidly changing innovations are often hard to keep up with for elderly.

At the same time, older people are more likely to live alone, and often don’t leave their house as frequently as they would like. Studies report that up to 40% of elderly living alone experience loneliness. When these people face declining health and decreased mobility, it becomes even harder to stay connected to the ones they love.

This is disheartening, especially considering that people who are socially isolated face serious health risks and mental depression, and are even at a higher risk of premature death.

Now imagine how much it would help if these elderly living on their own would know how to use modern communication technologies. What if they too can video call to ask their granddaughter to ask how her exam went, view the pictures of that trip to Thailand, and find out about local events to join together with friends?

At Conpago, we are passionate about empowering elderly to become part of this digital age. We make new technologies easy to use and understandable for everyone. We take all the core features of smartphones and place them on an easy-to-use platform. With the Conpago Companion tablets, elderly can do anything from voice messaging their children, sharing pictures with grandchildren, and accessing community events with friends.

Conpago Companion: a simplified tablet especially designed for elderly users

So even when elderly live alone and don’t leave their house everyday, they are still able to keep up with the ones they love, and join events in the community with friends. Technology is never the full solution, but it goes a long way in helping us combat social isolation. Let’s make a difference and empower elderly everywhere to become part of this digital day and age.

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