Robots to Innovate Aged Care: The Conpago Pepper Solution

Imagine a friendly robot driving around aged care facilities, personally greeting all residents. After a short chat, the robot reminds Mary of her doctor appointment on Monday, guides Gary to the living room, informs Alistair about the upcoming bingo night, and entertains Lenore’s grandchildren with a game. Sounds like a far away future? Think again.

At Conpago, we are working hard to make this a reality. In an exciting new opportunity powered by QUTBluebox, Conpago is working together with SoftBank Robotics to integrate the Conpago system with robot Pepper.

Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot by SoftBank Robotics that is able to recognise faces and read emotions. Pepper was specifically designed to make people happy through meaningful and fun interactions.

Pepper robot by SoftBank Robotics

At Conpago, our software is designed to allow elderly to interact digitally even if they are not familiar with the latest technologies. We aim to make this engagement as natural and enjoyable as possible. Pepper is perfect to do so by providing a low threshold for interaction. With his likeable appearance and intuitive manner of communication, everyone can feel comfortable engaging with Pepper. His unique functionalities, such as the ability to recognise faces and read human emotions, make Pepper ideal to interact with elderly.

Integrated with the Conpago software, Pepper can drive around aged care facilities and personally chat with residents. Pepper can inform residents about upcoming community events, read aloud messages from their family, remind them of appointments with caregivers, ask if they remembered to take their medicine this morning, and much more.

Pepper can also help guide residents within the facility, for example by directing them to bingo night or reminding them what time lunch is served. Pepper can greet visitors, point family members to the visitors room, let residents know their family has arrived, and entertain children while they are waiting for their grandparents.

The opportunities are endless, which is why we can’t wait to get the Conpago Pepper solution up and running to innovate aged care facilities . The coming weeks, we will be working hard to develop the application, integrating our software onto Pepper.

Conpago Team Members Mackenzie & Eline with Pepper

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The Conpago Pepper Solution. Innovating aged care by changing the way we connect.