Credit: Unsplash / Matthew Kane

Come, come,
run up this grassy hill with me.
Look, look,
follow my arm to where I’m pointing — 
down there, in the brush,
the ant, snake, and armadillo — 
there you are, there you are.

Now look, look
up at the eagle,
catching the wind, gliding.
That’s where you’re going.
Pick up the sand, the soil, the mud
feel it slip through your fingers
regardless of which way you’ve come.

Now turn, dance with me
arms up, twirling.
See the clouds building — 
you did that.
Look, look
at the hair standing up on your neck,
and the lightning illuminating the sky — 
there you are.

Now move, move
with the direction of the wind
sway, fall, get up again.
Everything you’re asking for
you already have — 
so come
find it dancing in the wind.
find it on the grassy hill.
find it in all the creatures
you have ever been.
dance with me.

See the clouds building?
You did that.
When the rain is released
from these clouds you have built — 
you are too,
so come, come
leave the shade tree
come, come
we are too small to bother lightning
come, come,
run up this grassy hill with me.
Look, look
at the first drop clinging — 
ever afraid to let go.
So let go, let go,
dance with me.

Feel, feel
the raindrops as they release
and catch them with your palms,
watch them slip through,
fall, get back up again,
as raindrops tend to do — 
always forming new clouds.
Come, come
shed your water
release your rain.
Look, look
to where my finger is pointing — 
everything you want to be
you already are
so come, come
run up this grass hill with me.
See, see
the beauty of your very being.

Rest now — let the sky
clear to blue
everything is on its way,
beautiful and new.
Everything you want to do,
you’ve already done over and over
and over again — 
so come, come
the clouds are dispersing
the flowers you water will bloom.
Relax, relax my dear
stretch out your limbs,
everything you could ever want
is ready to be given.

Look, look
the resting lion, the flying bat,
there you are, you are that.
North, South, East, West,
Pachamama knows you’re blessed.
So come, come.
Look, look.
See, see.
Feel, feel.
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*originally published on; part of my 365Poetry project, #14.