Don’t sell me down the river…

Every day you are being sold something, that’s a given.

The question is, what are you buying?

Will it be there for longer then you need it?

Do you know where this purchase comes from?

Do you want to know?

Do you expect the seller to know?

What is the social and environmental impact?

Too many questions?

Fortunately or unfortunately this is the way of the future.

These questions are being asked, yet the answers are few and far in between.

I believe that people, not consumers, are going to make a difference.

People because, we are human beings who seek connection in every act.

This is the connection I want to make with you, on a human level.

We are in a time of flux at the moment.

Some people react to this change with fear, while others see it as an opportunity to usher in a new way of life.

I choose to see change and uncertainty as an opportunity to come together with like minded people to offer an alternative to what we’ve been fed by media, social or otherwise.

We are more then economic units to be exploited for someone else gain, we are human beings who need connection, creativity and belonging.

Are you with me?

Because I’m with you.