Meet the Women’s March National Co-Chair Who Has Made Controversial Comments about Sharia Law
Pedro Carrion

Maybe think about laws as a reflection of culture. Most so called Muslim countries are Muslim in name only. They and you know nothing of Sharia law and use it as bogeyman to scare and discredit. Most reasoned Muslim scholars, and there are not many of them, do think that the barbarism disguised as law, is utter hogwash. At the moment the Islamic world is going through its own dark ages. It’ll take time and a lot of enlightened effort on the part of Muslims, not neo-colonialism, to take Islam to a place it can offer solace to the lost.

Your article is singularly misguided. Try again and then think about what you really are saying. Also research and find the truth in a sea of bullshit you seem to be wading into. I wish you luck.

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