First steps to CONQUERING fitness.

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You must start, to become GREAT.

Taking the first step to getting into shape can be a bit scary, especially if it’s your first time trying to lead an active lifestyle. Not only is it intimidating but it can also be really confusing. There is so much information out there and a lot of times it is difficult to decide how to start. All you hear is …

“Drink this juice, take this pill, wear this shiny suit, do this workout only 10 minutes a day, stand on your head, prance around in public like a crazy person and so on…”

AHH!!! It can all get overwhelming and actually scare you away from even starting.

SO, over the next few weeks my goal will be to help straighten out the facts and to help you feel at ease about getting started.

BUT, first you must BREAK intimidation and CONQUER your FEAR.

The Starting Line

You should be proud of yourself for making the decision to make a change in your life. That’s the most important step. A lot of people will not even make it this far, so good job!

Now you have to actually begin to make changes in your life, and unfortunately this is the hard part. You will have to take on one of the hardest things you will tackle in life and break some if not many bad habits. Eating better, drinking more water, getting more sleep, learning to workout and make yourself push pass being comfortable. This can be really overwhelming. This is where you decide to reach in deep and decide with your mind and heart to get this damn thing done.


I’m going to skip past a few key points and start with your first gym experience. The emotions that may be involved here are probably the same emotions that have made you put off changing your life already or will be the emotions that tell you to quit.


The first time in a gym can be an extremely intimidating, you’re not quite sure where to start, how to properly do certain exercises, and most of the machines look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Not to mention you probably feel like everyone is staring at you! It is real easy to give up at this moment. This is when fear and intimidation can sabotage you before you start. It’s likely that these emotions have been controlling your actions for a long time and have held you back from being successful in many areas of your life. Now you have two options, fall prey to your fears or have authority over them and start from ground zero and work your way up. Even the fittest person you know started somewhere.

My advice is to search for a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who cares more about your goals then how many sessions to sell you.
This a Conquer Fitness Trainer, Cherrelle Drinkard. Contact her via our website or Facebook page.

Fitness Professionals

Typically, self employed trainers are the route to go. They make their own prices and have usually been doing this profession for a while.

Hiring a fitness professional can really take a lot of stress off of you, even if you only use one for a few sessions. Learning how to execute bodyweight exercises, adjusting and using the machines and getting an idea of how to eat will get you jump started with less worry and concern.

At Conquer Fitness we have personable, trained, self-employed trainers who make every client their priority and family.

They can help ease you into the gym…and make you feel welcome and comfortable while you are your most vulnerable state. They will walk with you through your fitness journey and help you CONQUER your goals!

Now, think about taking that first step and contact us if you need help …either via email or call….and if you want to set up a meeting… we can even just talk about what is next for you!

Thank you and stay tuned for more blogs to come!

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