Social Autopsy, GamerGate, and Hillary Clinton

Part of the problem is sometimes when people are a bit too quick to jump to conclusions, it leads others to dismiss everything they say, regardless of whether their individual claims have merit or not.

So while I don’t necessarily buy everything Candace alleges (I don’t, for example, believe Cathy Young is secretly Anti-#GamerGate), it isn’t to say I think Candace is wrong in claiming that Jesse Singal, Caitlin Dewey or a number of other players in this did not behave entirely properly and were serving their own agendas.

I saw what a snake Singal was in his interactions with her, and the Washington Post ended up killing Dewey’s story altogether before it got published. As much as the WaPo is a shadow of its former self these days, it’s still hard to imagine them canning a story based on nothing but one person alleging wild conspiracies, and given much of the other dreck they’re happy to put out it likely wasn’t a quality issue either.

In short, I think there’s plenty worth looking into in this saga, but every claim regardless of where it comes from needs investigating properly before being taken as read, and not just believed because it appears to reflect badly on people you may not like.

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