‘Leave’ Voters Aren’t Racist: You’re Just an Asshole
James Gupta

Thanks for writing this, as frankly it saves me the bother. Pretty much exactly how I feel about this whole thing.

As someone who in truth doesn’t have hugely strong feelings one way or another about whether the UK should leave the EU, I’ve been inclining toward ‘leave’ simply because I haven’t been presented with a good rebuttal to the ‘undemocratic’ argument related to how the EU has people we didn’t elect making laws we have to live by, and how we can’t get rid of those people if we disagree with them.

I genuinely would like to hear a decent counter-argument to that, but as of now the best I’ve received is, “The UK is just as bad in that way anyway,” as if I’m supposed to find that in any way compelling.

That pretty much is the one big issue for me. Immigration doesn’t factor into it for me that much, and I don’t really give a shit what UKIP thinks about anything at all. The way some people imply there’s no way anyone could have well-thought-out, objective reasons for deciding to leave the EU, and instead assume everyone leaning that way must be a racist, bigot etc. (I’ve also seen ‘fascist’, based on nothing more that the results of a Brexit poll on Twitter that didn’t go the user’s way) is indicative of the cancer in our politics right now.

As someone who’s been largely disinterested in politics my whole life, I’ve nevertheless not considered myself to be the holder of any conservative views before, and if you were to ask me with a gun at my head which side I came down on politically, I’d always say I was of the left. However as of the last few years, it’s the left where I see the biggest problems coming from, in terms of how a large section of progressives who have a disproportionately loud voices in media, education and politics try and control any debate, mainly through demonisation of people who disagree with them.

Your exchange with Lily Allen is far from uncommon, and not just with regards to Brexit. The screencap you provided demonstrates the standard model: make baseless accusation about person/group of people, get provided with evidence that refutes it, block person refuting you.

The Nasty Left is doing this with every issue now, but as you say the words they use are losing their power. They’re also increasingly turning on themselves, as removing everyone else from the debate is only leaving people just like them inside their echo chamber to snipe at.

People are sick of being called names, and increasingly aren’t afraid of speaking their minds in case they get smeared and labelled by a disingenuous regressive. Their tactics are beginning to backfire, particularly in the rise of Trump, and even though I’m not a fan, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that thought his success was the punishment they deserve.

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