“A universal basic income is not the god-sent welfare policy that it initially seems to be.
Economic Freedom

Hello Economic Freedom.

As a new publisher on Medium with the few responses that accompany that status, I’m still able to respond to all comments, and it is important to me to do so. What’s more, I consider it a privilege to undertake honest debate about these radically new concepts. I’ve engaged those who disagree, and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable exercise to see what common ground we can find, and where we both can continue to grow our ideas.

However, you are my first troll. It seems from reading what you wrote that you read none of what I wrote. This appears to be a standard response, wrapped in college-level erudition and misplaced confidence, to anything you perceive as pro-UBI. Please correct me if I’m misreading you, but I sense no sincerity or willingness to debate or think critically in your comment, only a tyrannical, arrogant lecture, replete with affirmations based on the notions you have preconceived.

Furthermore, naming yourself “Economic Freedom” seems to me disingenuous at best.

Please don’t respond if you can’t muster something that is actually germane to me and my article. I would rather not see another copy and paste essay from you.

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