Kill The Sloth

I’ve been living with a sloth now for about eight months and he’s impacted my life in a huge way. But not for the better. This thing keeps me up late at night and wakes me in the early morning. My room stinks of shit, and butchered clothes litter the floor. I get home from work and watch this freak as it pads across the floor so slow he’s growing moss amongst his hair. He gets into things he shouldn’t and doesn’t eat what he should.

This is a knife. It’s relevant.

Sure at first he was charming, the allure of his slow pace calmed me. I’d come home from the stress of my work life and his enticing eyes were my escape. Sometimes I’d literally use him as an excuse to get out of social situations when I felt too drained, knowing full well that I’d regret it down the road. How many opportunities had I already missed for this lousy pet? How many doors did I walk past in order to go home and watch a humanoid snail day-after-day?

Where I could be now at 23 and the skills I could have developed with time better spent crushes me. It’s such a heavy burden that for a long time it pushed me further into the “sloth pit”, feeding an animal that demands so much for such little reward. Only a handful of years ago I wrote half a novel in a week, telling myself I’d be published by twenty-two, since then I’ve written nothing — until now.

The other day I saw a youtube video I hadn’t seen featuring Aaron Draplin, a very highly esteemed graphic designer and one of my biggest (both literally and figuratively) inspirations. He’s an incredible designer and unseeming philosopher. In it he said something about people spending “too much time reading about shit and not enough time making shit worth reading about” and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Every day at work I dabble in design, making ads, banners, labels and business cards and when I’m not; I’m doing design research scouring dribbble for new work and The Dieline for something I can relate to and learn from. At home, that’s literally all I do. I look at things for inspiration but lack the energy to do any work of my own. Some days at work something will inspire me and I’ll be so amped up to get home and work on it but the moment I walk through that door, I see the damn sloth and he eats my evening. I’m sick of the financial and mental rut this has put me in.

So consider this post an admission of guilt, a confession of my past crimes, wasting my own time and the time of those around me. Also consider this a promise; today I intend to turn my life around, building a better foundation for future family and myself. I’m going to eat better, be more active, read my bible more. But more importantly, I’m going to watch less ‘inspiration’ while simultaneously spending more time trying to inspire others. I’m going to design things in my spare time and finish my website this year, maybe even write a novel.

“Well, that sounds great Conrad, but where do you intend to start?” A skeptic might ask.

I’d never thought I’d be saying this a year ago but if I’d known I’d have done it much sooner. The first step is clear: I have to kill the sloth.

He fought back. It was bloody.

Conrad is a designer, writer, creater and marketing guru living in the great Fraser Valley, BC. Hit me up for design/writing inquiries:

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