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Not just any old sign this is a sacred Mayan symbol which means so much to me.

Whilst travelling in Mexico in 2012 I was gifted (by the Goddess) a book that I found in a hostel.

It’s title: La Mujer Luz Del Nuevo Tiempo- roughly translated as The Light Women of the New Age.

In it (amongst so much cosmic Mayan wisdom) was this sacred symbol- it’s name El Signo de los Nuevos Tiempos- the sign of the new age.

To use it you inhale whilst going upwards drawing the zig zag and exhale whilst looping round and through.

It is a moment to come into presence and symbolises so much- including; flexibility, the coming together of divine masculine and feminine energies and living open heartedly.

You can use the symbol anywhere- I place it on trees, use it in my energy distant healing, send it to situations (much like the reiki symbols).

Soon after realising its resonance with my spirit and it’s potency I got it tattooed on the back of my neck (inside the Incan chakruna cross).

It means so much I wanted to gift it to as many people as possible- hence now using it as the emblem for my sacred business.

I hope you in-joy

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