20 ways to Earn Money Online in an Easy Way

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The 21st century considers as a digital era. With everything going on the internet nowadays, knowledge of the digital platform is essential. Though the internet came in 1983, its use increased exponentially in the last 10 years.

We have seen the worst phase in 2020. Being hit by the noble coronavirus, our daily life got hampered. A major chunk of people struggled to earn their bread and butter. Individuals who depended on a single source of earning are now seeking to earn money through different sources to increase their money flow.

Why is earning money online is trending?

For generations, we have been following a traditional way of earning money. This ‘offline’ way is restricted by the nationwide lockdown. Going through a financial crisis turned people digitally to earn money. Making money online is a trending subject today. There are several legit ways to earn money online. You should be aware of frauds that surround digital money-making.

With the situation involving staying at home while working, working hours are reduced. Having free time in your hands now, you may want to look into these ways to earn money online. Different ways include online platforms, websites, and other tools. I have listed 20 ways to earn money online.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money online. If you are a skilled individual then you can try your hands on freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the way to offer any service directly by an individual. Being a freelancer, you are self-employed. You can work on multiple projects, with multiple clients at one time.

You have to create an account on freelancing sites. Then you can select a project according to your skillset and start applying. You have to keep in mind that you will only get paid once you complete a given project on time and after approval by the client. You must have a PayPal account for these transactions. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer are some of the sites that offer freelancing jobs. You can earn up to $5 to $100 through a freelancing project.

2. Own your website

If you have your calling towards a particular subject or skill, you can create your website. Creating a website requires a good knowledge of choosing the domain, hosting, templates, and overall design. Once you create your website, you can sign up for Google Adsense to earn money. When visitors visit your website, they will click on these ads. This will earn you through clicking.

3. Affiliate marketing

You can choose affiliate marketing by allowing digital companies to sell their products through a link. If you drive more traffic to your website you can earn a good amount of money through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process that allows you to earn money by selling other products or services. It is a booming business that requires you to engage in minimal skills and time to earn money.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the talk of the town. Everyone is opting for it. Let us know more about it.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means selling any product or service digitally. It involves the use of the internet and other forms like social media to promote and upgrade your brand. There are different types of digital marketing. Amongst them, SEO is popular.

5. Social Media Management

Social media management is part of digital marketing. It involves creating a Facebook or a Twitter account for a company or. Then boosting their account for selling their product. You can use your creative side here. Create a unique post that tends to go viral quickly. This will get you more business. You need to be consistent and devote particular time to be successful in social media management.

6. Web Designing

Many traditional and successful businesses now want to go digital. But they don’t have enough technical knowledge. If you are tech-savvy and love to create through coding, web designing for such clients can earn you a good amount of money. Web designing is not only restricted to creating a website. After creating a website, you can redesign it as per the client’s demand. Also, it requires maintenance and updating timely. So you can add that revenue to your account.

7. Graphic/ Canva Designing

You see big flyers of your favorite hero advertising for a brand. Those flyers were designed by graphic designers.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is an art that creates visual content that will communicate a product’s or a company’s thoughts. By applying different designs, typography, and images graphic designers try to create visual content that will portray the client’s imagination for the product or a business. If you are a skilled graphic designer and know about adobe illustrator or photoshop then you can get these clients online through any freelancing sites and start earning. Also, you can create your brand and directly approach potential clients.

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is the least skilled job that earns you money online. If you are good at communication skills and planning and organization skills then you can become a good virtual assistant. Big businessmen are too busy to handle their least fruitful tasks. They need a person who can do tasks like phone calls, email correspondence, research, scheduling meetings, etc. This person is a virtual assistant. There are two types of VA; General and Subject expert VA. elance.com, eaHelp, FlexJobs, Freelancer are some of the sites that offer virtual assistant jobs.

9. Translate any Language

If you are multilingual then you can work as a language translator. Languages like Arabic, French, German, Spanish mostly require a translator.

10. Content Writing

If your niche is writing, then content writing is the right choice for you. It involves planning, writing, and editing content for a website or a magazine. Being a content writer, you should have a command of the English language and grammar. You should be able to plan and deliver innovative and unique ideas to your clients. Content writing involves web content writing, research writing, article or blog writing, ghostwriting, technical writing, copywriting, creative writing, etc.

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11. Blogging

Blogging starts as a hobby that one can pursue to earn money online. It requires a vast amount of knowledge and research to write and engage the audience to your blogging. You can create a blog in two ways; create it through WordPress ( no investment). But you have to live with a limited amount of resources to enhance your blog. Another way is a self-hosted blog. Spend some money to buy the domain and hosting place and you are good to go. It will cost you around Rs 3000 — Rs 5000 yearly. Blogging is a slow way to earn money online by monetizing your blogs. You need to be consistent with good content.

12. Youtube/Vlogging

If you are a camera pleaser and you can talk looking at the camera then YouTube/Vlogging is your calling. You just need good content, camera, video editing skills to become a YouTuber. YouTube videos can be made on any topic that can grab the attention of your potential audience. Subjects range from cooking to political views. Once you have enough subscribers and views on your videos, you can start to monetize them and earn money.

13. Online Tutor/ Course

If you have good knowledge in any subject and you can teach and share that knowledge with others then you can go for online tutoring. You can connect with students of all ages and start helping and mentoring them in their studies. You have to create an account, provide legal documents, attend training and webinars and you are good to go. Vedantu.com, MyPrivateTutor are some of the sites that hire online tutors.

14. Publish your Ebook

Wish to write and publish your book? Publish it on kindle. Kindle gives you a platform to self-publish your book with Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish an ebook and a paperback. They offer you up to 70% royalty on every sale.

15. Selling your Product Online

You can sell your product or service directly through your website or Amazon or Flipkart. This has lots of competition. You should be good with your advertisements.

16. Podcast

The podcast is an emerging source to earn money online. It simply requires a storyline or content, a good voice with a mic, editing skills, and a podcasting platform to publish your work. Platforms like Spotify giving podcasting a place to bloom. 2020 saw tremendous growth in podcasting subscriptions.

17. Selling Photos to the Stock Website

Good at photography? Use this skill to earn money online. You can sell your photos to stock websites. They can sell your photos multiple times that earns you good rewards

18. Surveys, Research, and Reviews

Some websites offer money to conduct surveys, research, and reviews. It is a risky way to earn money online as there are several fake sites. You have to be careful while choosing work from them, as they require disclosure of some bank details and prior registration.

19. PTC Sites

PTC sites or Pay To Click sites offer you money to click on some links. Some of them ask you to refer and earn. They are also a risky way to earn money online.

20. Data Entry

It is the most automated industry to make money online. It is highly loaded with frauds and scams. Still, some legit websites offer you work. You can make up to Rs 300 — Rs 1500 per hour. All you require is a good typing speed, a computer, and Wi-Fi.


These are 20 ways to earn money online while sitting at home. Some of them required some skillset. But, you can easily learn them as everything is available online. Earning money online is a great way to support your finances.