Consentium tokens to be accepted in 174 countries and regions worldwide.

Sep 5 · 1 min read

Following Exonium’s announcement about Consentium’s branded debit card, we are excited to update the community that UnionPay will be our chosen payment gateway for Consentium’s debit card.

UnionPay is accepted in 174 countries and regions worldwide and it owns the biggest market share in China. As almost all merchants in China accept Unionpay, this means you can use the card to make payment for food to fashion to travel. This is truly a new era of cryptocurrency use case with the card as CSM token holders will be able to load the debit card with their digital assets.

We are slated to kickstart pre-orders end September 2019 on Exonium. You can register your interest on EXOLaunch to be the firsts to get notified once the finalised pre-order date is announced!

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网站: Consentium

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Twitter: @Consentium

Facebook: Consentium


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CONSENTIUM is the first chat app to reward users with cryptocurrency for any group or community they create and engage with. Visit

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