In this digital age, is instant enough?

Even text messaging was disrupted.

Jun 27 · 2 min read

Statistics portal Statista reports that 28.2 trillion mobile messages were sent in 2017. With lifestyles becoming increasingly fast-paced, it is no surprise that texts have gone online for instant communication. In essence, our methods of communication have been disrupted by the increasing capacity of the technology available.

Who are the hardcore texter?

As expected, those that have grown up with newer technology like smartphones are most comfortable with online messaging. conducted a survey way back in 2011 and found the following:

  • Among Baby Boomers, 68% preferred phone calls while 7% used messaging apps.
  • Among Gen Y, 27% used mainly phone calls and 62% were on messaging apps.
  • Among Gen Z, 23% used phone calls as their primary means while 64% used messaging apps.

Although dated, this statistic illustrates the quick shift to messaging apps by younger generations. It also showcases the generational gap observed in texting language. Oftentimes, the younger texters that send emojis and acronyms will find humour in the attempts of their parents to follow suit. This gap is not only present in communication language but also formats used to express pop culture such as memes and gifs. Now more than ever, information is bite-sized. We have found ways to communicate quicker by abbreviating according to the type and format of information conveyed.

How instantly do we chat?

Words disrupted: Acronyms, Short form, Slang

Emotions disrupted: Emojis, Gifs, Stickers, Memes

Visuals disrupted: Photos, Videos

Experiences disrupted: Location sharing, Music sharing

This increasing need for convenience in communication shows no signs of slowing down. We expect that in the future, our everyday communication will be transferred online and we will live in a world of chat apps. Companies in this industry should prepare for the influx of user data on apps and harness the information to create insights that improve user experience.

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  • 在婴儿潮一代中,68%的人更喜欢打电话,7%的人选择使用短信应用程序。
  • 在Y一代中,27%主要使用电话通话,62%选择使用短信应用程序。
  • 在Z一代中,23%使用电话通话作为主要沟通工具,而64%使用短信应用程序。



文字扰乱: 缩略语、缩写、俚语

表情扰乱: 表情符号, Gifs, 贴纸, 模因

视觉扰乱: 照片,视讯

体验扰乱: 位置共享、音乐共享





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