Best New Releases as of November 2018: New Music Releases, Movies and More

The fall serves as a time for musicians and filmmakers to round out the year with gusto, rolling out their best work to waiting audiences as awards season and the holidays near. The leaves may be rustling on the ground and the wind becoming brisker with each day, but it’s easy to take shelter in the newest music and film releases of the season. So curl up with a hot cider, turn up the tunes and grab a popcorn to enjoy the best new releases from your favorite musicians and directors to round out the autumn with a bang, and maybe even a little pumpkin spice.

This week, in light of Pete Davidson’s jokes about his failed engagement with Ariana Grande on Saturday Night Live, the singer responded with an equally touching and cutthroat new release. Titled “thank u, next”, the single from Grande sets the starlet’s gratefulness for her past relationships with Davidson, the late Mac Miller and others against the backdrop of her anticipation of the future. “I’m so fucking grateful for my ex,” Grande sings, reminiscing about the lessons she’s learned while looking forward at the same time. These poignantly catchy lyrics are set above a characteristically poppy beat, but maintain their power in their context as the waves of Grande and Davidson’s breakup settle.

Another fantastic new music release on the radar is King Princess’s “Pussy Is God”, an unabashed celebration of the female form and all that it can offer in love and life. King Princess’s Mikaela Strauss is a rising star on the horizon of new pop music, and this latest single is an example of her pure talent for creating both emotionally honest and danceable bangers, one after another. After the success of her hit “1950”, King Princess has proven herself again with “Pussy Is God”, and it is easily one of the best new releases on the charts this month. The dreamy soundscapes and poetic lyrics of the single fuse together to create an image of lust

that isn’t harsh, but rather fun, putting the woman in question on a pedestal that humanizes and deifies her.

In new movie releases, the trailer for Lars Von Trier’s upcoming film ​The House That Jack Built follows the sadistic tendencies of the lead character, a serial murderer played by Matt Dillon. The film has already been shown to extremely mixed reactions at the Cannes Film Festival, during which much of the audience walked out during scenes of extreme violence against women throughout the movie. Though Trier has often been questioned for his depiction of sadism and near-torture porn scenery in his films in the past, this movie may cross the line. It begs the question of whether violence serves to further the realities of the serial killer in question or just offers an excuse for Trier to film formulated scenes of extreme gore. Whether it is or not is still in the air, but it is most likely not to be one of the best releases of this season due to this controversy.