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Yes! Even though an mp3 player seems like a small thing, when my iPod classic broke a few months ago I was a little heartbroken. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I hate listening to music on my phone. For me, music is a vehicle for feeling specific emotions. Xiu Xiu when I’m sad. Crystal Castles when I miss college. Britney Spears if I just want to fucking dance. I don’t want my enjoyment or emotions cut off by some bullshit phone call about how I have a dental appointment tomorrow.

It’s also harder to focus listening on an iPhone, because there are so many distractions at my fingertips.

And finally, my dumbest personal complaint: I’m not into touch screens for mp3 players. I listen to music while I make art, I don’t want to tap my grubby paint fingers on the lovely screen I need for the device to function. I like being able to change songs without looking too.

I got a new mp3 player, but the iPod classic will always have a special place in my heart. It was my companion for six goddamn years. I feel like I should bury it inside a box of memorial flowers or something.

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