CONshiptrack party is dead..

Team Conshiptrack
2 min readMay 9, 2023

In general, two kind of coins dominate the crypto universe:

Marketing (“meme”) coins: their value lies in supply and demand, with no use case other than the trading gains where money is spent on marketing, and there is no team or substance behind. Most of these projects will probably not make it through the winter as crypto darwinism will put an end to demand for “get rich quick” coins.

Value coins: coins that are based around a value creating product with proper teams, structures, timelines and value beyond a flashy story and people putting money behind a story. These coins will make it through the winter and come back stronger than ever.

We wanted to share our experience with a tracking system that led us to explore fascinating paths filled with unique experiences. However, we were unaware of how the system behind it all worked. It felt like trying to enter the most exclusive club, especially when the barrier to entry was quite high. We faced challenges related to regulations, hosting, security, software, programmers, and marketing. Despite having everything under control, our main goal was to create a tracking software.

To finance our project, we came up with the idea of creating a parallel token. However, each step in this process came with associated costs, and the price seemed to increase constantly.

Not only maintaining liquidity, but also negotiating every penny with some trading houses, which charged between $800 and $45,000 just for listing. Then, there was the matter of handing over a quantity of XXX tokens and money for transactions. In general, this was something we didn’t agree with, but we didn’t have a massive community like others; we are not a meme coin, but rather a service. Good projects are very hard to achieve in the crypto world, but… well, we tried and learned a lot. We also lost investors, money in marketing, security, and tokens that many people will have in their wallets without any value.

Perhaps our project may be reborn in the future, as blockchain technology and its immutable ledger could offer new opportunities. However, on our part, we have decided to say goodbye and close this chapter in our lives. Sometimes, it is necessary to recognize when the right time comes to move forward and explore new horizons.


Team Conshiptrack