Day 11 — What about your friends?

liner notes:
- What a weekend! Saturday was WPRK’s Fox Fest at Rollins College. There were a lot of amazing acts and cool activities (open mural to paint and DJ setup to learn on the 1s and 2s). The headliner MNDSGN killed it!

Also, I had a couple of special guests on the radio show. Shouts to Damez and Cub for stopping by. You can check out the show at (OUR show 3/25/2017).
- Not only did Fox Fest bring out some great acts, but also some great people I haven’t seen in a while. Catching up and letting them know about my coding bootcamp journey, I’ve found out that:
1) One person is pretty much doing what I’m looking to do when I graduate. We started nerding out about code, frameworks, backend solutions, mobile first design, etc. I had no clue he was a programmer. He also mentioned that we heard good things about The Iron Yard.
2) Another person knows some people out in Dallas that may be looking for coders.
3) Another friend said he had some ideas that he may need some coding help on.
Basically, what I learned, tell family, friends and people in general what you are up to. You never know who knows who and/or what. So yeah, what about your friends?

**Plus, working with the web, you have your portfolio always with you and can pull it up on your or even their phone.**

7:05 am
Week 3 begins! From the reading, it looks like we’ll be starting off by going more into arrays and starting objects. I think we’ll be able to approach the previous homework assignments a whole new way.

Cool. About to get back to the reading, but before that, I have to send out the radio show’s playlist to radio promoters and mailing list that I forgot to set up over the weekend.


I got my first (hopefully, not my last) “Exceed Expectations” assessment on a homework assignment. Brian, the instructor, has been using “clever” when he assesses my code. I feel like Doctor Who. haha

Write ya later.
Dwane / conshus