Day 18 — I Can See Clearly Now

liner notes:
- Yesterday was pretty great. I think I may have cleared the mental block I was having with Functional Programming. We were introduced to Prototypes and I think I pick it up pretty quickly. Used it to build a JavaScript quiz. Of course, it’s still a work in progress, but you can check it out here:

So yeah….

because… JAMAICA!!!!!
  • Also went to the Code for Orlando meetup and brought some classmates along. I think they liked what they heard and hopefully will get involved. Always to good catch up with everyone and see how far they’ve come with their projects. Couldn’t stay too long because we had homework to finish.
  • Also, through our daily quiz, I learned an interesting way to determine palindromes.

Looking forward to what we’ve got coming up. I think we’re moving from just learning the basics to being able to really think through concepts like developers would.

Going to try and get some coding in before class starts.

peace piece
Dwane / conshus