Day 22 — I Am I Be

liner notes:
- Yesterday, we started to learn about Unit Testing with Mocha. I kind of see the benefits of not having to go to the browser to see if the code is working how it think it should. Just seems like extra steps. I’m still new to it and I’m sure the more I’m exposed to it, the reasoning behind it will make more sense.
- Also, the plan to be more productive seems to be working out. Got the assignment done early, caught an earlier train, got home at a decent time and was able to work on a couple of things. Hopefully I can keep this pace going.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes” — Mahatma Gandhi

I’ve been thinking about code for a while. Hoping this experience will help make it a reality.

Sidenote: I’m posting a couple of Instagram pics. They aren’t really showing up well in the Medium editor. If you want to see random pics of my journey, I’m over at

Thanks for reading.

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