Day 22: So Whatcha Sayin’

liner notes:

  • Professional: A couple of the fixes I made were deployed into the latest project build. I did some tests on it and it worked! Hopefully, the same thing happens for the QA testers.
  • Personal: I’ve been looking into the Web Speech API. I took the Speech Color Changer example and modified it for my needs. Instead of just tapping the screen, there’s a button to start the speech recognition that pulsates and text displays “Listening…”. From what I’ve read, the Web Speech API is still pretty experimental, so I coded an input box so the color can be typed if the API doesn’t work.

I’m working on updating one of my early projects while attending the Iron Yard. It was originally just mostly JavaScript, jQuery and some API calls. I want to rewrite it to include new things I’ve learned like React and the Web Speech API. Should be interesting. Especially the part of making Vanilla JavaScript work in React. I always get tripped up on that, so that’s why I’m trying to do it as many time as possible. haha

Going to see how much I can get done before heading into work.

Have a great day!

Till next time.

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