Day 32: Demo

liner notes:

  • Professional: Yesterday pretty consisted of making sure everyone is on the same page. We got on a video chat, shared our screens went through what we have. We did a demo of what we had, got feedback, and was able to get confirmation on things we weren’t sure about. That helped out alot! I was able to get what I needed done.
  • Personal: I was able to link Google Sheets to Firebase and then have it display on my site. So now if I want to change/update some info, I don’t have to go into the code, make the edits, build the code and then deploy the code. After work, I went to the Front-end Orlando meet up. The topic was Web VR and AR. Had a good time, met some cool people and learned about some new resources.

I’m tired. Not exactly sure how much I’m going to get done on my refactor project. I’ll probably work on the content more than the code. As far as work, we’ll probably be refining our code more and get it ready to deploy.

Have a great day!

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