Day 33: Test Drive

liner notes:

  • Professional: So we did a demo of our part of the project for other programmers to make sure everything works like it should. Sometimes when all you do is focus on one section for awhile, you may miss some things. Having other people use it will most likely uncover things you never thought of. This time, there were only a couple of things that came up, but we were able to fix them during the demo.
  • Personal: Really didn’t do too much on my refactor project. I coded an alternative way of displaying info on the site. I had a little problem in React with displaying the states properly. After some thinking and tinkering, I figured it out.

Our part of the project should be included and deployed today. From there, it goes to QA, they test it, report any issues and we fix them.

I have been thinking and sketching out how I want to layout the info section. I want to finalize that and get it completed.

Have a great day!

peace piece
Dwane / conshus /

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