Day 4 — Green Lights

liner notes:

  • Yesterday was a long one. The assignment was to complete the website we were working on in smaller parts that was given to us as an image. (Basically take a picture of a website and turn into an actual working website.) I probably could have hacked something together quickly with what I already know, but the point of me going through this is to learn the correct way.
  • So yeah, I passed the assignment! Feels good. Brian, the instructor wrote “You clearly have experience dealing with the complexity of larger-scale projects.” haha Nope, just the work I’ve done on personal projects like for OUR show ( Hopefully this means I’ll be pretty good at this coding thing. Haha


Got up a little later than normally this morning, but the good thing is that the trains run every 30mins. On the way to the station, I almost got all green lights and considering the distance from my house, that’s pretty amazing.

Looking forward to see what we’ve got coming up next since we’ve finished the first project. Wonder how the weekend homework is going to go.

Going to get back to trying to figure out this code incorporating the :hover pseudo-class we learned yesterday. Never use it before. Not sure if I can get what I’m thinking about to work using it. We’ll see. If I get it working, I’ll post it on the blog and site Going to use CodePen to post it (need to post over there more).

Almost forgot to post an update. We got our weekend assignment. Looks like it could be a pretty good challenge. We worked on that for a while and decided to finish up a little earlier since many of us stayed up to complete last night assignment.

Keep this short. Going through track submissions for the radio show before going to bed.