Day 40 — All The Beauty In This Whole Life

liner notes:

  • So yeah, yesterday was pretty awesome. I think ReactJS finally really “clicked” with me. It took incorporating it with Firebase to get the idea of “states” and setting them to get the app to behave the way you designed.
  • Now I think the trick now is to figure out how to get the features I want to incorporate into a project using what basically amounts to html, css and vanilla javascript since ReactJS seems pretty restrictive and opinionated. It will be an interesting challenge when I redesign my personal site.
  • Later in the day, I went to a mixer/workshop hosted by Purple, Rock, Scissors and Valencia College as an into to their PRPL Academy series. It was great to be around so many creative people from different backgrounds. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

The new Brother Ali album “All The Beauty In This Whole Life” is out now and it’s as great as I hoped it would be. You will be hearing many of these tracks on upcoming episodes of OUR show (

Going to go back to try and keep the awesome going into the weekend. Oh and it’s FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY! Make it a great one.

Till next time.

peace piece
Dwane / conshus