Day 45 - I'm so excited

liner notes:

  • Yesterday was a good day. Finally got a chance to finish up a project and submit it.
  • Worked on the pitch for my final project idea. Presenting it this morning.
  • Also, we had an Iron Yard graduate come in to show us the production code that he is working on. That was cool to see. It consisted of things I’ve seen in class, just a lot of those things. It felt good to be able to follow what I saw.
Neeeeew shiiiiirt!

Pretty excited about today. Wearing a new shirt I designed. Got my final project pitch. It’s FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY! Going to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” with some classmates. I was invited to a Happy Hour by some cool people I met. And I need to finalize some things for the radio show.

I guess I was so excited, that I accidently locked myself out of the classroom. Haha I took off the lanyard were I keep my key card. So I’m writing this from the Medium app. Amazing what you can get done from a phone.

The bad part about arriving early is that the next person doesn’t get here till about 8. Haha

Have a great day and weekend.

Till next time.

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Dwane / conshus