Day 47 — First Things First

liner notes:

  • I figured out why I wasn’t able to get the MaterializeCSS components that need jQuery to work when using React Router. The problem is that MaterializeCSS doesn’t initialize when React transitions from one route to the next.
  • To fix this, I had to install MaterializeCSS through npm which installs jQuery. Then using componentDidMount I initialized the MaterializeCSS element that I am using. Seems to work so far.
  • Actually got more accomplished yesterday than I had planned. Got the authentication system set up and working for Google, Twitter, Facebook and GitHub login.
  • Also, got the project linked to the Firebase database.
  • One of the biggest problems I’m having is deciding what to do first because some functions and features lead into others, but then those don’t happen until these other things happen. A lot of it is really in the planning stages and mapping out the flow the best you can beforehand.
The Re-up

Today, I’d like to get pulling and displaying data from Firebase accomplished and if I have time, get information saved back to the database.

Also, I working on learning some new libraries for some side projects. Going well so far. I’ll post a link when it’s complete.

Till next time.

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Dwane / conshus