Day 48 — Workinonit

liner notes:

  • I didn’t get what I planned to get done yesterday, but I did get some other things completed.
  • My project has a side nav bar when the user is on a mobile device. For some reason, I was getting an error about velocity. After reading documentation, some Googling and try solutions from Stack Overflow, I figured it out. There’s one nagging side effect, but I think I can fix it with CSS.
  • I also set up a few of the components that I’ll be using in my project. It’s really starting to take shape.
  • A major component to my project is using Google Maps. Thanks to Tyler for putting me on to react-google-maps. Took some time to watch a YouTube tutorial to get more familiar. I was able to get a map embedded and geolocation to work.

On my to do list for today is to add the ability for people to select locations from a list and create a tour. My plan is to just update the states of both the full list and selected list. We’ll see if that works.

Till next time.

peace piece
Dwane / conshus