Day 50 — Climb

liner notes:

  • Bugs. There was a weird bug where when a user would click a previously selected location to remove it, the corresponding location on the “All Locations” list would reflect that by becoming deselected. For some reason, it would work on desktop, but not on mobile.
  • To fix it, I basically had to treat the list in a similar way to when we did the todo app. Add a “selected” state to each location and toggle them off and on when clicked on either list. Although it was a small bug, it felt good to be able to completely fix it and with a method we used previously. One thing I like about programming is that it’s a climb and always learning something new or re-enforcing things previously learned.
  • After fixing the bug, I went down the street to a friend of mine’s Art Gallery named “Redefine Arts”. They had an exhibit by WolfRich. Some really cool and interesting pieces. Also, ran into Tre and we got to catch up about art and other things. Had a really good time.

It’s FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY!!! Today, I’m going to focus on placing the locations on the Google Map and adding a drag and drop functionality to the selected locations list for reordering. Along with the map, I want to determine the distance from the user to the location as well as walking directions.

Going to be a full day of programming, watching the final day of Google I/O and finishing up the playlist for tomorrow’s radio show (

Have a great weekend.

Till next time.

peace piece
Dwane / conshus