Day 51: Reality TV

liner notes:

  • Professional: Still trying to translate Mandarin into Russian. Haha Getting there…I think. We had the final Go/No Go meeting and everything checked off for the site to be launched.
  • Personal: I got the face tracking to work on the video feed. It works pretty well. I decided that I’m going to use and Node to handle the WebRTC video chat connection. It will be good to use and be familiar with other services. I’m going to deploy my / node server to Heroku. I went through their sample project and got it up and running through their CLI. Pretty painless but I see I’ll have to do it a few more times to get the hang of it.
  • After work, I went to an Orlando Virtual Reality meetup. Microsoft was in town for their Ignite event and stopped by to talk about Mixed Reality. There were demos of the HoloLens, HTC Vive and the HP Sprout. Sidenote: the HP Sprout is AWESOME! haha Posted some pics to my Instagram. Mixed Reality is definitely something I want to get more into.

Going to try and deploy the WebRTC video chat that I made following the Google codelab to Heroku. Hopefully that goes smoothly.

Got the rescheduled meeting with the person that wants his site redone. Looking forward to that.

Hopefully get some unit tests passed.

Got another meetup tonight. Man, I’ve gone to one everyday this week so far. Good thing this only happens like once a month. haha

Have a great day.

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