Day 54 — Same Song

liner notes:

  • Yesterday, I was working on getting the distance from where the user is to a location on the map. I find myself thinking not so much about the code itself, but how to best implement it.
  • I created a <Distance /> component so all I have to do is pass in some props and it will return the distance as well as duration.
  • For some reason, I got denied when trying to pull json info from the Google Maps Distance Matrix. Asked Brian, the instructor, about it and he had to set up a proxy server for me to get it working. I’ll have to look more into it later.
  • Also, I set up another tour of a creative agency for next week for the class. Being able to see people doing the things you hope to do in the future is really motivating for me.
How crazy was this movie?! It had everyone in it!

Same song, different day. Definitely need to work out the final kinks in the Distance Matrix API and start with the Directions. Once those pieces are in place I think everything will start to come together.

Till next time.

peace piece
Dwane / conshus