Day 8: Work It Out

liner notes:

  • Yesterday, was a another good day. I mentioned in an earlier post about a new program being implemented into the workflow. The best explanation from my understanding is that kind of like git and webpack combined, I think, haha.
  • Well, when we used it, for some reason the icons would not load. We were given some solutions, but none of them worked. Instead of waiting, I decided to try and fix it. Long story short, I Googled the error, found someone with something similar, hacked around the program’s settings file and boom….got it working! Felt pretty good.

Got a few meetings with some UI team members lined up for today. Looking forward to getting some questions answered that we have from reading the coding standards and seeing the page mockups.

We’re halfway through the week! Hope everyone ends the week strong.

Have a great day!

Till next time.

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Dwane / conshus /

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