Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

There are a lot of valid points here, but a couple on the flip side that I think should be thought about too. (Just to play Devil’s Advocate). First, I do think there is a separation between being pro-life, and being willing to use birth control measures. No, it’s not acceptable in all faiths, but I think many people feel that preventing pregnancy from ever happening is not the same as murdering a child once it is created and exists in the womb. Therefore, I do think that someone can be pro-life and also be pro-prophylactics. Second, as a Christian myself, I believe it isn’t right to judge anyone, and honestly compassion needs to live in the hearts of more people. But, this includes not judging others by their bumper sticker (which could have just been on the car when they bought it), as well as them not judging you by the number of children you have or by the fact that you use state assistance to purchase food. This also includes not judging people if they have different beliefs than you, including being pro-choice. Judgment and hatred isn’t any prettier in return, just because the actions of the first person warranted it. It’s a strong possibility that, if it was in fact their bumper sticker, these people are just as I described before, and they believe in not murdering a child in utero, but may also be fiscally conservative people who would rather people use preventative measures than drain tax dollars by having more children than they can support. You’re right, they behaved judgmentally, and they shouldn’t have come to a snap judgement about you like that. It’s hurtful. On the other side, perhaps you shouldn’t snap to judgment either, and then write an article to bash them and call them hypocrites without truly knowing all of the facts. Try forgiving them for their ignorance, and praying for them as individuals, we’ll probably all be in a situation in the future where we are being judged unfairly, and we’ll need all the kindness we can get.