A Message to the So-Called “Principled Conservatives”
Austin Frank

I refuse to vote for Trump for the same reasons I refused to vote for GW Bush (twice); in such cases, I’m not entirely sure that the opposition party is any worse, but in any case, I’m not wishing to add to the strength of any politician’s claim to a “mandate”. Trump may very well go on to be re-elected, and he can do so without my help and without my money.

But I think you’re missing the fact that people are rejecting him not just because he is boorish, but because he’s stupid, ignorant, and mean.

“Oh, he has the right instincts.” Instinct without rationality is what one might say of a small child. I don’t care if, for example, he wants to ban Muslims, but those kind of propositions are so controversial, that anyone who is willing to advance them must do so with the utmost care for arguing its validity based on law and tradition. But he’s functional illiterate. And this is what is being passed off as “conservatism”. It’s not going to result in Making America Great Again; it’s confirming every ugly stereotype of conservatism as anti-intellectual that the Left claims, and there will be a backlash.

Surely there is a large contingent of Republicans that are virtue signaling and they need to stop that.

But when I see Trump, I see all the people I have known in my life who were arrogant know-nothings but were insulated from any consequences or accountability because they had money.

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