The Left’s Puerto Rico Lies
Austin Frank

“So why would you ever want to engage with someone who is blatantly and brazenly lying? How could you? It’s not possible.”

You don’t realize that’s exactly what some people think about Trump, or would you deny that they have a basis to say that? And the rest of what you say about “these awful people” holds equally true for every hard core Trump voter I’ve observed?

I don’t know if Trump is doing enough. I suspect he is not, not on the basis of his (unproven) racism (which is distinct from the charge of him dealing and exploiting racist sentiment, which is completely provable), but upon his (proven) administrative and argumentative incompetence. He doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t have the requisite experience in government for the job of head of state. I am skeptical of invoking the governor of Puerto Rico as justification: he’s obligated to saying that the administration is doing a great job, because if he says different, how likely is it that Trump will exact revenge?

If the NYT suggests that Trump’s efforts could be expedited by repealing the Jones Act, is that “fake news” meant to make the President look bad?

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