Sitting Down Was To Ensure He Wasn’t Booted.

Good morning Bitter Whiners, Principled Shit Lords and Male Feminists.

Colin KerPeePeeGotStuckInTheHole decided to sit out a few National Anthems. He “claims” it’s due to oppression against African Americans and minorties.

I DISAGREE. I think he’s lying to all of us.

Look, full disclosure here, I’m not an avid fan of National Football. I will watch with my men, I know enough of the game to generally play (and sometimes win) fantasy football. I’m also a cherry picking beast who scores TDS in flag football. Grrrrr….

However, other than a few famous players, the entire roster for the K.C. Chiefs ( my hubby’s team), I don’t know stats. Hell, I didn’t know Colin KerPeePeeGotBangedOnTheBench, until I saw the hastag.

I did some research. You know I love a good mystery puzzle.

Mr. KerImakemorethentheentireteam…Makes more a season than his entire team. But, he is in the third tier of QBs.

If I were a team owner, I wouldn’t pay 11+ Million bucks to a sucks player. I’d boot his ass to a bench.

So, in saying that, Colin KerPickleImDesperate didn’t do this for a movement. He did it to make sure his team couldn’t fire him. Because, now that he “protested” if the 49ers do ANYTHING about him, it’s censorship and racism.

What an entitled little man he is. He is one of the worst QBs in the NFL. He can now stay substandard and mediocre since he pulled his race card in pre season.

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