Mobile gaming: revenue generated by apps through IAP

We are pleased to announce that we now have the ability to provide insights on mobile gaming IAP transactions. No more blind spots regarding pricing strategy of gaming apps, IAP performance in volume or value, lifetime value of gamers, spending overlap across gaming apps or even non-gaming apps, and much more! Both GP and iOS data is available, and country expansion is going fast!
(*article updated on 5 August 2020)

Mobile Gaming broke new records during the lockdown. But which apps have been the most successful and what’s the revenue generated by apps through IAP? We are excited to share a sneak peek of our new mobile gaming dataset! No magic, it is all based on real anonymized consumer transactions.
The graphs below are based on a sample dataset — Google Play data for France.

💡 Foxintelligence gives you access to unique data to discover who the winners are, what apps have generated the most revenue through IAP and have the highest number of unique IAP transactions.

Top 10: the winners of IAP monetisation

Congratulations to Netmarble, Com2Us, Moon Active, Bandai Namco, and FunPlus for the stellar performance in 2Q20 and for being the winners of our first top chart ! Let’s take a closer look at some of these games…

Top Chart Mobile Gaming, IAP Transactions in Value. 2Q20 vs 1Q20

💡 Foxintelligence allows you to evaluate what IAP is driving the revenue growth of an app, and to inform your own pricing strategy

#1 The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins topped the chart in 2Q20 (+2 ranks compared to 1Q20). It is worth noting that many gamers have been buying weekly and monthly subscriptions which make users come back to the app regularly as it provides new credits every day.

But most of the revenue was driven by the Diamonds packages. Interestingly gamers have been willing to pay the price of the expensive packages (40% of the Diamonds transactions were at a price point above €26.99). That is a good indicator of how much gamers are willing to spend for the right IAP that drives value.

💡 Foxintelligence allows you to quantify opportunities for bringing additional revenue in.

#2 Summoners War

Summoners War succeeded in climbing the chart even higher in 2Q20 thanks to another successful IAP release. The 6th Anniversary Special Pack drove the increase in revenue, and was accounting for 62% of the total revenue generated through IAP in April 2020.

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