TrumpRussia: Where Are We Now?
Dena Grayson, MD, PhD

Thank you Dr Dena for providing this summary of a very complex story, and this is just a small piece of the pie. I follow you on twitter via the internet. Thank you. Please, please share my thanks to your friends: Louise, Claude, Counterchekist, Spicer Lies (where is the Mic?), 20 committee whose writing I like as well, the Lincoln Bible, Adam Khan, Benjamin Wittes, Jay McKenzie, Clint Watts, Ali, Louise Neu and Tea Pain. I follow on the internet and share what I can if I won’t reveal too much about who I am looking at, I don’t want more trolls so I stay away from twitter. You and these other people have been so important to me maintaining my sanity because I could not believe everyone couldn’t surmise how corrupt Trump was from day 1. MSM was pretty frustrating with the exception of Rachel and Lawrence. Tonight 8/28 I thought Rachel’s show was walking back a little and disavowing what the MSM could figure out when- much like Counterchekist said they would . Please Alfa Bank was out there forever. Surprising how many people can’t figure out that MSM is pretty much dead. Thank you! I hope you read this. Ghee on FB- you know trolls.