Lessons on running thoughtful growth experiments

by Constance Wellman and Shirley Yang

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Illustration by Justin Tran

True or false? To be effective, growth teams have to always be working rapidly: iterating, shipping and moving to the next “win.”

At Dropbox, the Growth Design Team has learned that while this statement is often held as the ultimate doctrine of growth, there are times when slowing down is not only necessary but streamlines efficiency and findings.

1. Spend time getting to know your user

Growth teams tend to start by comparing two versions of an experiment (A/B tests) to determine what experience is most successful. But running a full-length A/B test takes time to design, build, and collect results.

Our Growth team recommends starting with research and following a traditional design process: discover, ideate, refine. This will help you understand your user’s goals, motivations, and needs. While it seems like this process requires more time up front, it will help you be more thoughtful in your approach to experimentation. …


Constance Wellman

Product designer at Dropbox

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