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You are probably aware that there are a number of initiatives by 3D printing shops and their organizations to provide emergency spare parts and personal protection equipment to first-line medical personnel, first responders and people in essential businesses.

We at DigiFabster want to help too. We just launched a resource with a library of well-documented printable models for PPE and spare parts, combined with a list of 3D printing shops that:

  • are willing to print for…

DigiFabster Onboards Complete 3D as a Certified Reseller in New Zealand

After receiving certified training, Complete 3D is now an official reseller of DigiFabster software in the New Zealand territory.

Under a newly inked agreement, Complete 3D, an Auckland-based company exclusively focused on professional 3D prototyping and manufacturing solutions for its clients, is now a certified reseller of DigiFabster software in New Zealand.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Complete 3D as a partner and certified reseller in New Zealand,” says DigiFabster CEO, Constantine Ivanov. “Their integrity and expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and healthcare in the New Zealand market is unparalleled.”

As a Platinum Reseller Partner, Complete 3D will be responsible for all aspects of marketing and implementation of DigiFabster’s software to machine shops and 3D printing service bureaus in New…

Shops Marketing Q&A Session With DigiFabster Team and Manufacturing Marketing Expert Dale Bertrand

We’re holding our first shops marketing Q&A webinar on Monday, May 4th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST.

Our guest, Dale Bertrand, Boston-based engineer, and manufacturing marketing expert who worked for Stratasys for many years and developed online strategies to help them grow rapidly.

We’re going to discuss the following topics:

  • Leveraging your positioning with high-touch industry-focused lead generation and sales
  • DigiFabster’s PPE initiative to help shops connects to people in need
  • Live Q/A session with participants

Sign up for the webinar here.

All About Order Reviews: Instant, Manual, Semi-Manual, and “TBD” Mode.

An inside look at DigiFabster’s most powerful, customizable functions.

After working with hundreds of manufacturing businesses around the world, we know that customization is key. In this edition of DigiFabster’s Feature Highlights, we’re taking a close look at order-review modes, which can be tailored to your shop’s specific needs.

There are four settings for accepting orders:

Instant payment mode: All orders are placed and paid for without being manually reviewed by your shop. DigiFabster’s 20-point analysis, instant fixes to CAD files, and automated quoting tool work together and estimate a price for your customer within minutes. …

Monday Webinar Series: Getting The Most From DigiFabster’s Sales Quotation Tool w/Q/A

It’s important for us to support and take care of our customers. In these turbulent times, we want to make sure that our automation solutions fulfill their role by freeing up your time for the tasks that are more vital to your business.

Starting April 20th, we’re going to host a recurring series of online webinars. Every Monday our team will be answering questions about our software live for an hour. Session begins at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST.

Each week we’re going to touch upon common questions such as: initial DigiFabster setup, shop workflow optimization, and provide…

New Sales Dashboard, Xero Integration, CNC Lathe/Turning Support and More

Our latest product update has arrived!

The last two months, we’ve worked extremely hard to deliver highly desired features…

New Sales Dashboard

We introduce our latest development — a sales dashboard. The new sales dashboard allows you to keep track of your sales in real-time, see historical data, revenue, orders, volume by clients and much more.

This feature is available as an add-on for all pricing plans and is included with our Enterprise plan. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the new tool.

October & November Features Update: DXF Support, +15 New Payment Methods, TBD Order Mode

It’s been a while since we announced the last product update, but you’ll not be disappointed with this one.

After the initial introduction of 2D cutting services support (laser, water jet, etc) we work hard on adding more 2D formats. Now we happy to announce DXF file format support!

DigiFabster will be exhibiting at Formnext in the US Pavilion, located in Hall 12, booth E101D.

DigiFabster is a California based data-driven sales & execution software platform that shortens the ordering process from days/weeks to minutes. Our platform increases efficiency of communication between engineers and manufacturers and reduces the overall time of production.

At this year’s Formnext, DigiFabster continues its product extension supporting more manufacturing technologies such as; CNC vertical milling, turning, die-cutting, laser cutting, and injection molding. Along with new product capabilities like product tracking and sales reporting, DigiFabster provides an ideal mix of tools and technologies for manufacturing companies of any kind.

“We always saw additive manufacturing technology as a crucial part of the…

September Features Update: Cutting Services, Round-Way Shipments, Tax Nexus, and More

In September, we made some great new improvements to our software, which potentially benefit all users, including 3D printing service bureaus, machine shops and end-users.

Cutting Services

To further our goal of supporting the entire realm advanced manufacturing, DigiFabster is pleased to announce that we now support digital cutting services. Whether you’re using a laser cutter, water jet, plotter or any other type automated cutter, you can now utilize our software to automate your quotes, orders and project management. While we have initially launched with support for .STEP only, we will soon be adding .DXF as another file format option.

August Features Update

In August, DigiFabster made several enhancements to the platform, benefiting all of our users, including 3D printing service bureaus, machine shops and their customers.

Selectable File Formats

DigiFabster allows end users to update files in many different formats, including STL, STEP, OBJ, IGES, 3MF and more. But some shops only want files in certain formats. Say for example, you’re a machine shop and can’t use STL with your CNC equipment. We recently added a feature that allows you to deselect file formats you don’t want or can’t use. That way your end-users only have a choice to submit files that work with your equipment.

Reach out to us to activate this feature.

Const Ivanov

Co-Founder, CEO at DigiFabster.com

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