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ThermiVa is an in-office, non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening. A radio frequency generator, made by Thermi Aesthetics powers a “S” shaped hand piece that tightens external and internal vulvovaginal tissue via a thermistor tip which is able to control heat delivered. The tip has gentle curves that provide comfort.


The controlled radiofrequency energy transfers heat directly to the desired dermatologic vulvovaginal region. External (labia) and internal vaginal (laxity) looseness is treated using this tightening method. Laser equivalents can only treat internal tissues. Radio frequency treatments for dermatologic use have been proven to be safe and effective and very comfortable.

The treatment contracts the tissues to a tighter bundle and encourages new tighter collagen production and may help in tissue and nerve healing.

ThermiVa’s is ideal for women suffering from vulvar sagging, vaginal looseness, vuvovaginal dryness, leaky bladder, over active bladder, orgasmic dysfunction, repetitive bladder and vaginal infections and various skin disorders.

If you’d like to discuss a ThermiVa procedure with Dr Constantine then you can book a consultation by calling (214) 739–5760.

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