Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Very well written article! I have been an Apple user, and developer for 8 years. I still running off a 17 inch MBP from 2011 which I invest big bucks in.

After desperately waiting for Apple to produce a machine that I wanted to replace it with I finally throw in the towel and build my own Windows 10 machine over the summer. It actually superior to my Mac OS experience. I so wanted to buy the 2016 MBP but why would I invest in a Skylake laptop now? I want POWER from my laptop, the latest cpu and fastest memory so I can get my development work done.

What I got was a Skylake(Kaby Lake?) laptop with DDR 3 memory (no DDR4)? and AMD 460 graphics(no NVidia option?). A laptop so late it shipped with last year tech specs! What is Apple thinking?

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