The Story Behind Medium’s New Logo [2015]
Erich Nagler

3 reasons why the worst re-design of the year goes to… Medium!

Shame #1: “A logo that flows, unfurls, and builds like a great and memorable conversation.” Non sense. Conversations are smooth and fluid, especially with your sophisticated target audience, so an actual smooth ribbon makes more sense here. Yo crunk?!

Shame #2: The gray scale logo has 4 different shades of gray for a 2-sided ribbon object in a pseudo-3D space… Crunk!

Shame #3: Your security guards allowed Kermit to throw up all over the grayscale version during your re-launch party. Dem crunks…

Medium branding has always been recognized for its sophisticated typography. This new logo went completely against that. Good intention and process, bad outcome.

Bonus Shame #4: Random lines to justify your “angles”. Why can the “e” stay by itself? Don’t tell me there’s no “i” in Medium.