Traffic + Pollution + Frothing Lakes = Bengaluru?

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It all started around the 1980’s when Infosys shifted its headquarters from Pune to Bangalore. But companies realised the true potential of Bangalore in the late 90’s. In early 2000’s Bangalore was named the “Silicon Valley of India” by BusinessWeek and the “New York Times”.

Now our city is mainly known for its traffic jams. Bangalore has a one car for every 2 people in the city. That’s the highest number of vehicle to people ratio in India. Bangalore is currently home to more than 60 lakh motor vehicles and the number is still rising. 13 out of 20 of the post polluted cities in the world are in India and if we don’t change our ways soon, we’ll join that list. Bangalore has ranked second in the list of most polluted cities in India as far as air pollution is concerned, as per a survey.

Bangalore is the 2nd most air polluted city in India.

Air pollution is one of the most harmful forms of pollution and can lead to a lot of lung and blood related diseases. Children suffer the most as their immune systems are not fully developed yet.Bangalore has 14% of school-going children suffering because of air pollution. While New Delhi has 21%. Mumbai taking the third place at 13% and Kolkata in the fourth place with 9% of school-going children suffering due to air pollution.

The survey found that the worst-affected children are those who commute in open air vehicles as they more exposed to dust particles in the air. 86% of school children use open-air transport and only 14% use other mediums of transport in Bangalore.

14% of school going children are suffering in Bangalore due to air pollution.

We can help out our city by reducing the number of cars on the road. That will only happen when people use other means of transport such as mass transit or carpooling. Since the opening of Namma Metro there has been a decrease in pollution by 22%. That may not seem much but we need to take baby steps to make our city greener and cleaner.

Namma Metro has decreased air pollution by 22%.

How will you do that you may ask? How can one person make a difference in a city of 9 million people? Well as I said one of the best ways to help our city is by using mass transit systems and carpooling. If your office is somewhere along the metro line park your car at the nearest metro station to your home. Metros are fasters, cleaner and the most efficient way to travel reducing your carbon footprint to a considerable amount.

But you can’t find a suitable place to park in all of the metro station. That’s where we can help you. We are Constapark. A startup in Bangalore who are trying to help people use Namma Metro and make Bangalore a greener and cleaner city.


Aishwarya Das

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