Chennai is an Ideal Real Estate Investment Destination

Chennai is listed as one of the top 12 cities in the world ideal for real estate investments, says the international Candy GPS Report. The list that was prepared by Savills World Research and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, bestows the first-ever global recognition to Chennai for being one among the dozen cities in the world that’s attracting real estate investment. Popularly known as the manufacturing hub, this metropolitan city has undergone an impressive makeover in terms of infrastructure, education, healthcare facilities, and the overall quality of life.

Jeni Construction, one of the leading builders Chennai, discusses the prominent factors that make this South Indian city an ideal realty investment destination.

Industrial & Real Estate Growth

Chennai is home to renowned automotive market players, such as Ford, Renault-Nissan and Hyundai. The city, over the years, has also witnessed establishment of IT/ITES industry, along with telecom and electronics. Growing employment opportunities have, further, stimulated the demand for commercial and residential property within the city and in the areas bordering it. The growing economic strength has uplifted the confidence and interest of realty developers, allowing them to come up with many affordable and high-end real estate projects.

Real Estate Investment Destination

Enhanced Infrastructure

Booming infrastructure and world-class amenities are attracting potential buyers invest in real estate in and around the city. A majority of locations in Chennai are backed by superior healthcare and medical facilities. Also, many emerging locations give access to the best educational institutes, multiplexed, malls, and health care centres in the vicinity.

Convenient Transportation Facilities

The demands for land and prices of property have gained momentum along various corridors of Chennai. The Monorail project and the Chennai Metro rail project, a faster and better means of transport, has eased the life of the residents. Also, the government is consistently improving the public transport lines of the city by introducing more buses and properly-channelled routes.

High Return on Investment

High return on investment is one of the key reasons behind the increasing interest of buyers in Chennai’s real estate sector. The rising wheel of fortune is shooting the real estate values, making buying and selling very constructive. Also, this economic stability leads to an increase in property rents and leases, be it commercial or residential.

Undoubtedly, an expanding buyer base forms a strong foundation for potential long-term investments in the city. If you are also looking for destinations to make profitable residential property investments across Chennai, then contact Jeni Construction. Counted amongst the best builders in Chennai, we are engaged in offering affordable and well-furnished residential flats and apartments.