Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant
We all wish for a high-end looking home, but it is difficult if you have a limited decorating budget. Luckily, there are several ways — even on a tight budget — that can help you get the desired look. From changing pillows and wall paint to window treatments and hardwood floors, these are easy hacks you need to know. Here are some secrets, shared by interior designers of Jeni Constructions, to give homeowners an insight on how to decorate their dream home without breaking the bank. You might get surprised at these simple hacks to bamboozling your guests into wondering you live a high-end life.
1. Color of Paint Matters
Paint color is one of the most intricate decisions to make when beautifying a room, especially when the left over décor is off the color palette. However, if modishness is what you seek, there are specific colors that add immediate glamour to your space.
2. Pillows for Comfort & Elegance
Pillows all over your home serve up two purposes. One, if they are selected suitably, they can actually boost the elegance factor. Two, they endow your guests with extra comfort on the couch, and provide a comfortable, layered sensation to your rooms.
3. Window Treatments are Must
Obviously, a home without proper window treatments will appear to be fragmentary and depreciated. Fortunately, window treatments are budget-friendly ways to include some sophistication to your home, in addition to much-needed privacy.
4. Lighting Makes a Difference
Majority of the dealers will choose typical lighting fixtures, which are perhaps the same they must have used repeatedly in all the homes they have designed. Yet, adding some designer light fixtures will append more grace to your home than the typical chandelier.