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Legal opinion has always proven to be a blessing. To begin with any work, be it starting your own business, buying a new property, legal advice favours the opinion seekers by suggesting not to make any mistake that can lead them to some legal issues. It can provide them best of paperwork details and save them from future tangles. Also, it becomes quite difficult for a normal human being to know all the minute legal norms, owing to which hiring a person who can give you legal opinion should be considered a matter of great importance.

And when this legal advice comes from a retired Judge who has been the subject expert and decided various cases on this issue, then Legal Opinion gets more weightage. The reader of a legal opinion would trust an opinion coming from a Hon’ble retired judges.

Ironical, there was no such platform in the country till now, but Naman Mohnot (Alumni of NLU Delhi and author of two books; of which one is forwarded by Mr. Arun Jaitley and Mr. Ram Jethmalani along with Ms. Swati Jain (Business and Legal Adviser) found this gap and introduced for the first time in India the CONNECT CONSULTANT on their platform (​Recognized by Government of India under Start Up India)where they are striving to connect the unconnected quarters of the legal world under the chief advisory of Padma Vibhushan Hon’ble Justice M.N. Venkatchaliah, former Chief Justice of India.

CONNECT CONSULTANT is designed to make legal consultation simpler by arranging authentic, direct opinions of judges via four modes of consultation i.e. audio, video, personal meeting or written reply; through user friendly web portal.

Being a maiden venture in this country, this initiative is geared towards getting legal opinion from a retired Hon’ble Judge of Supreme Court, High Courts, Session/ District Courts & Magistrate Courts for your legal matter.

Through its network of retired Hon’ble Judges spanning across the country, it endeavours to make your life simpler by arranging authentic, direct opinions in the matters delivered to you through the medium of your choice.


1. Give information

2. Create an account and select the Hon’ble Judge as per your requirement.

3. Make payment

4. Get consultation

Thus unlike exiting mode of physically visiting to consultant, this portal offers four different modes to reach the experts Judges from the panel of 100+ retired Hon’ble Judges as per communicated time and convenience.

About Aapka Consultant as an online business service provider with primary focus on Company Registration, Trademark Registration, Business Compliances, Copyright, Tax Compliance, Website Policies, Legal Documentation; has productively roots its flags of growth and success in India with its recently launched model LEGAL RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT and CONNECT CONSULTANT.

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