Prom Perfect: Senior Year Beauty

This year I have my first high school senior, she has 3 sisters following her up, and I realized what big business senior year is. We’ve got to buy senior pictures, graduation announcements, a formal dress, a graduation dress, a graduation party dress….the list goes on and on. And guess what? That kid wants to look beautiful at every single event. Of course she does! Guess what else? I don’t want to look old at her functions! Then it occurred to me, the beauty industry is barely marketing to me for this time. Why isn’t my Facebook page filled with anti-aging adds? Why hasn’t a beauty consultant called me to ask if my daughter would like to have a pre-senior picture make over? Someone is missing the boat here! Don’t let it be you! Mother daughter makeovers should be the next big thing to add to the to do list of Senior year! I for one would do just about anything for a little extra time with my senior!

Photo property of Used with permission. (Cause I’m this girl’s mother.)