When a woman feels beautiful

What happens?

What happens when a mom relaxes for an hour or two with her girl friends?

What happens when a middle-aged woman feels beautiful?

What happens when a grandmother feels young for just a little while?

What happens when a young girl learns how to take care of her skin?

Does she go home and say nicer words to those crazy children who should be in bed? Does she stop worrying so much about a few extra pounds, because beauty is more than a number on the scale? Does she go home to her husband who has missed his confident wife? Does she feel better about who she is and who she is going to be?

Beauty isn’t always about appearances, though that is what everyone tries to tell you. Beauty isn’t about fighting the aging process (0k, it kind-of might be if you’ve just turned 40.) Beauty isn’t about being someone you’re not. It’s about loving who you are and feeling good about your looks so that you can approach the other challenges of life confidently. Beauty might start with a spa treatment or a lip color, but it ends with a nurtured soul.